Who are you?

I'm glad you asked! I am Ramón - a german based Concept Artist and Illustrator. I specialize in environmental art. I design and paint architecture, sets, backgrounds and environments for film and interactive experiences. Also, I love Ramen, funny people and playing video games once in a while. Who are you and what brought you here?

What services do you provide?

Being a concept artist my core service is to provide you with various sketches and constructive thoughts base on your detailed briefing and design challenges. Following this, I create design solutions that will strengthen your project and help you and your team to focus on your goals and vision. Here is an overview of my services:

  • Analytical Thinking and Research
  • Conceptual Sketching and Ideation
  • Styleframe & Keyframe Illustration
  • 3D Mockup Creation (Modelling/Lighting/Rendering)
  • Architectural Illustration (Exterior and Interior)
  • Photoreal Background Illustration
  • Digital Matte Painting

How experienced are you?

I started working professionally as an illustrator while still at university in 2008. After working for a couple of years in an animation studio I began my freelance career as a concept artist in 2016. I'd say I gained lots of experience over the years working in the industry both in-house and as a freelancer. Here are a few selected clients I worked for:

BMW · Volkswagen · Audi · Mercedes Benz · Puma · Google · Skan · IBM · ProSieben · Wempe · Samsung · Wild Turkey Whiskey · Airbus · Hyundai · Innogames · Ricola · Trivago · Deutsche Fernsehlotterie · Voith · AboutYou 

And here are a bunch of studios I enjoy working with:

Moment Factory (Montreal) · Midas Films (Beijing) · urbanista (Hamburg) · Onformative (Berlin) · Sehsucht (Hamburg, Berlin, Munich) · Parasol Island (Berlin) · Blynk (Hamburg) · Demodern (Hamburg) · Frostmotion (Denver) · Studio 100 (Munich) · Optix (Dubai, Hamburg) · Ce+Co (Hamburg) · A.One Studio (Hamburg)

But the journey goes on. There are many things I want to learn and talented people I want to work with.

I got an urgent project, how quickly can I book you? How do I know you are available?

Please never hesitate to contact me! Get in touch and we discuss the details. If I am busy at the moment I'll do anything to make an interesting project fit my schedule. When the timings and deadlines of your project are tight, please make sure you have a clear briefing ready when contacting me. This will save us time figuring out the goal of our collaboration and we can focus on the ideas and pretty pictures.

What programs do you use?

My two favorite pieces of software are Adobe Photoshop and Blender 3D. The two are just the perfect duo for me.

I do enjoy drawing on the iPad in Procreate for the early phases of production. And when it comes to animation I am most comfortable with After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Do you use 3D in your picture making process?

Yes. Not always but mostly my layout of a scene is built in three dimensions. This saves time and is more accurate. Both are very valuable factors in a production setting.

How much does your service cost?
Do you have a day-rate?

I do have a day-rate. But it might vary depending on your business field and the timeframe of your project. On occasion, I do work on a fixed rate covering the whole project. But as mentioned, this depends very much on your project. Please contact me and we discuss the details.

Do you work in-house or remote?

Usually, I work remotely in my own studio. I do enjoy solitude and isolation which helps me to concentrate on the process. But if the task requires working in-house with a team I am very much open to join your team.

Do you teach your skills?

Yes indeed. I also enjoy talking about and teaching my craft. I used to teach workshops and courses about

  • Intuitive Sketching
  • Techniques of Digital Painting
  • Introduction to Matte Painting
  • Photoshop for Digital Artists
  • Basics and Process of Conceptual Design 

at the following schools:

  • Coburg University of applied sciences and arts
  • SAE Institute Hamburg
  • University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten

Do you have tutorials online?

Yes! I teach my workflow on my YouTube Channel. Feel free to subscribe. I do also have a Gumroad Store, where you can get additional in-depth courses and assets for beginners and art enthusiasts.

What is a good image in your professional opinion?

I do enjoy a subtle sense of history behind the image. Some indication of a story. Aesthetically I strive for a clear focal point, but also a rich set so the audience can wander around before returning to the focus. Technically I always gravitate to interesting perspectives, some sense of depth and structure.



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